• Asperger’s Syndrome – A New Approach

    Posted on April 8, 2012 at 7:23 am under Family Law category.

    I feel Family Law really struggles with it’s dealing of children who have Asperger’s Syndrome. The Court process is a poor forum for the family.

    Courts are very restricted in what practical orders they can make for families coping with these issues. Children with Asperger’s moving between two households have unique and at times very complex struggles. Two sets of rules for which there seems to be no connection can at times cause great distress. Courts unfortunately cannot drill down to this microlevel and it requires the cooperation of parents who are often struggling themselves.

    This is an area where the social scientists are of great assistance and must be called on to educate and instruct both the parents and at times their legal representatives.

    If there is co-operation the outcome can be very rewarding for the family. If there is not, then it is an ongoing hindrance to families wanting to move on and give their children the best possible outcomes.

    It is an issue which as a family lawyer, I am seeing on a regular basis, and it is always a struggle to advise clients as often the adversarial system, which we have, can do more damage than good.

    Resident parents and non-resident parents need education and support to achieve these goals. Unfortunately whilst there is a very big push for mediation in family Law it requires at this time the intervention of a social worker or psychologist to assist the parties. Unfortunately, most parents cannot afford this assistance and there is no government funding of which I am aware.

    It is ironic, that the money spent in the Court process which we know, already, will not have the best outcome, is often the only course available for people in conflict over these issues.

    I came across a great podcast when Tony Attwood an expert in this area was interviewed by Richard Fidler for a radio program called “Conversations” on the ABC. Well worth a listen.

    You can listen to it here

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