• Family violence ? a new definition

    Posted on September 25, 2012 at 5:34 pm under Family Law category.

    There have been some significant changes to the Family Law Act and the Domestic Violence Act about defining family violence.

    Everyone realises that someone being hit by another member of a family is unacceptable and is clearly violence under the definition.

    What the former legislation did not recognise was that such violent behaviour is only the end result and that for people in those unhealthy relationships the behaviour which upsets the most is being isolated and controlled by a member of their family, usually their partner. Once the perpetrator has this level of mental control, they can carry out such behaviour almost at will and the victim often has nowhere to go.

    The new legislation provides a much broader definition and refers to a person coercing or controlling another. Examples in the legislation are very broad and include where a family member is prevented from making or keeping connections with his or her family or friends. It can also involve withholding financial support where such support is needed to meet the reasonable living expenses of the family member.

    Australia is a leader in family law and these amendments further confirm this position. Find out more about Brisbane family law and how this legislation has changed the former standard practise.

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