• Off to see the Wizard !

    Posted on February 7, 2012 at 11:08 am under Family Law category.

    On Saturday I am going to Sydney to attend the annual Family Law Intensive. I go each year to this conference as I am required,as an Accredited Specialist, to attend 15 hours each year of ongoing legal training in Family Law.

    This conference is always of a high standard and has sessions on the latest cases and various areas of law including Spousal Maintenance. The conference always has a practical application with one of the sessions covering “personal v commercial” goodwill for businesses. This is often a problem when determining the value of the business particularly where it is a sole trader.

    The day is always “full on”and thanks to daylight saving it’s 3 AM start to make the plane. I never go away from the conference not having learnt an enormous amount so it is always worth the effort.

    I’ll put on my blog some of the more interesting cases and issues over the following weeks.

    Have a good week